Checkered Golfkicks golf socks

Color *
black/gray checks with white GOLFKICKS
red/white checks with orange GOLFKICKS


Easy to mount

Everything you need is included in the Traction Kit, you choose the shoes

Wear Anywhere

5th-gen softspikes give you comfy, bouncy feel for greens and grocery stores

Metallicore® traction

Patented design gives your sneakers better grip than ugly golf shoes!

The perfect friend for your fresh kicks. These high-comfort, mid-length hosiery units won't hose you while walking 18 holes.

Wear them tall and proud with short pants to showcase your moontan or let them subtly surprise onlookers at the 19th hole when you kick up your feet.

Colors: Black/Gray checks with white letters one side of each sock (GOLF up one KICKS down other)

Red/White checks with orange letters both sides of each sock (GOLF up one side KICKS down other side) 

Size: 9-12 fits most adults


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