Weaponize your kicks

The ultimate golf gift
GOLFKICKS® Patent Pending - better traction than most golf shoes
Wear whatever you want
Free your feet from boring golf shoes - your sneakers rule
Give kids traction
Your purchase provides a kid with gear through The First Tee® of Denver

The new version spikes are a game changer! So easy to mount  and last forever.


I put traction on the most comfortable Reebok pump high tops, everyone wants them.


Sharing my 4-year old's kicks! He's so happy to have real golf shoes like dad and put in full swing power without slipping.


Golfkicks rock! And the customer service is outstanding. I will never buy another pair of golf shoes.

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GOLFKICKS® Traction Kit $32 - V4 with Metallicore®
$36.00 $32.00
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limited supply in all colors

Head's up - WE SELL OUT OF COLORS VERY QUICKLY every time we make a batch- get yours now if they're in stock.

TAKE YOUR TIME and your installation will last - read all instructions on our how they work page before mounting, USE SHOE GOO. 

INTERNATIONAL customers outside US please order on (not your country's Amazon).

GOLFKICKS® Traction Kit - Patent Pending - includes:

  • 20 Soft Spikes - plenty to do an adult size pair of shoes plus 4 extra
  • Sharpie - for mapping traction on your soles and customizing golfballs
  • HEX hand tool - for installing cleats into soles
  • HEX bit - if you have a drill this is the way to go

4th GENERATION Metallicore® Traction

Choose color first then tap "Add To Cart"

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