IT STARTED IN Matt's garage

The Kicks Industries adventure began in a Denver garage with three buddies ranging from decent to unsafe on the golf course. Our golf shoes were boring and we wondered why you couldn't add traction to Chucks, Jordans, Crocs or whatever you wanted. After several questionable prototypes we launched Version 1 with a Kickstarter campaign and set up shop to provide creative footwear freedom to golfers.

Our first version was pretty brutal but we innovated based on your feedback. Golfkicks 5th-Gen traction is now worn on PGA and LPGA Tours, is easy to use, and worn by celebrities, pro athletes and kiddos around the world. Make a pair - you'll love them and everyone will ask about them.


Founders are friends and entrepreneurs Tyler Stuart, John Krosky and Matt Mockus. Matt and Ty grew up together slicing drives into Iowa cornfields and John is a Colorado native who we doubt had set foot on a golf course until recently. 

Ty Stuart

12 handicap

John Krosky

100 handicap

Matt Mockus

11 handicap

No

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